handmade clay pan

Clay Pan

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Go back in time and cook your meals the organic way! Free from toxic chemicals and unnatural materials, these handmade clay pots and pans are better for you and the environment. Support the local village of Sorkun, Turkey while bringing a superior taste quality to your food. Guaranteed to last a lifetime these pots and pans are durable on stoves, in any oven (wood ovens included) and even directly on the fire. They are super simple to clean and require no detergents, so are eco-friendly in all aspects. We have selected three different sized pots (small, medium, large) all with accompanying lids as well as two different sized oven pans to cater for all you cooking needs.

  • Product Details

    Material: 100 % Natural Clay & Soil

    Oval Pan

    Dia: 25 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    Weight: 900 gr


    Circle Pan

    Dia: 19.5 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    Weight: 1.10 kg


    *As with all handmade items, slight variations may occur

  • Care Instructions

    Feel free to put your pans directly on the fire, in the oven or wood oven, on the stove top or barbeque and the fridge. The only thing that these natural gems cannot take is unnatural washing liquids, detergents and the dishwasher. Be sure to wash your clay pan using warm or hot water only! Then dry well with any cloth and leave the lid off so it can fully dry out.


    If your pan has been in the fridge do not put in directly on the fire while it’s cold. Please wait until it reaches room temperature as drastic changes in temperature may compromise the product.


    For the first time use boil water in your pan 2 – 3 times to clean and sterilize as your pans will be coming to you straight from the fire.

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Istanbul, Turkey