By the Beach

By the Beach

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Empower local women while wearing their handmade 100% cotton scarves. Produced using only the finest materials, this soft and stylish fashion statement combines traditional techniques with a modern look. All are originally designed and produced only for Moon and Star by the local women of the small village of Daday, located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. These lightweight beauties are trans-seasonal as they will keep you warm in the cold but not cause you to itch or sweat in the warmer months.

  • Product Details

    Material: 100% Cotton

    Size:  50 x 175 cm 

    *As with all handmade items, slight variations may occur

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash your scarf with cool water and mild detergent. Rinse under the tap and gently squeeze out the water. Then lay your scarf on a towel and roll the towel to eliminate any excess water. Unroll the towel and lay your scarf out on a dry towel to completely dry.

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Istanbul, Turkey