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Brighten up your home with one of our handmade Turkish carpets. Each carpet is created using only 100% sheep’s wool. Natural wool last longer, is more hygienic and non-allergenic. They are all originally designed and produced by the local women from the small town of Karacakilavuz. Support local women working to maintain this rare and exceptional style of rug weaving.

  • Product Details

    Material: 100% sheep wool

    Size: 75 x 125 cm


    *As with all handmade items, slight variations may occur

  • Care Instructions

    Be sure to vacuum your carpet regularly and remove spills immediately. For surface cleaning use a sponge and gently wipe with cold water and mild soap. Then using a clean cloth and water remove all soap residue. For deep cleaning, get your rug professionally cleaned every 3-5 years or when you notice the colours looking less vibrant. Rotate your rug at least once a year to keep an even appearance.

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Istanbul, Turkey