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Dark Knight

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Be comfortable and stylish while supporting local people creating traditional works of art. Our Moon and Star shoes are cut and sewn completely by hand and have been perfected by only using specific types of genuine leather for each of the different sections of the shoe.


The sole is made from tanned buffalo while the upper sections are from cow skin. The inner lining is made from sheepskin while the inner sole is cowhide. In order to prevent static electricity, the shoe is earthed by adding clay between the sole and inner lining. For the stitching, twine coated in beeswax is used. The addition of a rubber sole has given these shoes a modern touch as well as greater protection against diverse environments. The rubber sole means your Moon and Star shoes will now last even longer.

  • Product Details

    Material: Full grain nubuck leather

    Sole: Buffalo Skin and rubber protection

    Upper Section: Cow Skin

    Inner Lining: Sheep Skin

    Inner Sole: Cow Skin

    Color: Black

    Stitching: Twine coated beeswax 


    The shoe is earthed by adding clay between the sole and inner lining. 


    *As with all handmade items, slight variations may occur


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  • Care Instructions

    Feel free to use any suede waterproofing products or protectants to improve the life of your shoes. However, please avoid any other standard leather treatments or conditioners. We recommend using only a brush to clean or maintain them.


    Please be aware that Yemeni shoes are not waterproof. In the case that they do get wet or soaked pleased use a cloth absorb as much water as you can then leave your shoes to dry away from sunlight or direct heat.


    Be sure to wear your Yemeni shoes on alternate days as the product is made from natural materials so they need a “breathing” period between wears.

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