In today’s world we are more aware of the harmful effects of unnatural chemicals and materials on our health and environment. Sadly, much of the harm is done within our own homes. Even our basic kitchenware, namely pots and pans, are coated in toxic substances all which discharge into our food once the pan is overheated and overused. These dangerous chemicals can build up in our bodies and potentially damage our health. This is just one important reason why choosing our handmade clay pots and pans are not only a safer and healthier option but also an environmentally friendly one. Clay pots and pans have been used for thousands of years and sometimes we just have to accept that the simple things are often the best.

Sourced from a small village called Sorkun which lies in the region of Eskisehir in Turkey, our pots are 100% natural and all made by hand. The art of making these pots is a timeless custom of this area. Nearly all families have at least one person in the family who is skilled in making clay pots. With the help of the loyal local people continuing the tradition of their ancestors, Sorkun has attained an admirable position in the terms of pottery production.

Once a year, red and white soil is mined in accordance with the needs of the producers and is then dried and aired under the sun. After it is dry, stones and straw are removed by sifting. Once this is completed the soil easily combines with hot water so the forming can begin. Molded to shape completely by hand, only with the help of a few simple tools, the pots and pans are then set by being cooked on the open fire. We are proud to say this is the exact same way pottery has produced for thousands of years since the late Neolithic period. The people of Sorkun are of course aware of modern tools and technologies which would of course speed up the process of production. However, they reassure us that the original methods withstand as the best and most organic way to achieve a superior product. They took pride in showing us pottery still being used in their houses that belonged to great-great grandparents.

These days we spend so much time and money on trying to buy organic food, while often forgetting that the quality of our kitchenware is equally as important. Not only will your food taste better being cooked in something so natural but these pots and pans are made to last a lifetime. Whether you’re an avid chef or not, these pots are super simple to use and clean. All while supporting local people (particularly women) and their businesses, as well as choosing a better option for the environment and your health.

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handmade clay pots
handmade pottery artisan
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handmade clay pan artisan
handmade clay pots
handmade clay pan
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handmade clay pots
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Istanbul, Turkey

handmade clay pots