A tradition passed down through the generations

Handcrafted and perfected by the same families for 100s of years

Made using only the finest leather and natural materials.

Known as “Yemeni” by the locals, these shoes were originally worn by the people of southeast Anatolia and today are still produced in Gaziantep and Kilis.

So where exactly are all these places you may ask…the answer is Turkey! Their handmade leather shoes have been carefully crafted for over 600 years and so have gracefully stood the test of time. This is not just another leather shoe but rather a tradition and a piece of history, albeit comfortable and stylish. Today the Yemeni shoe has been perfected by using four types of leather (cow, goat, sheep and buffalo) each playing its own specific role in the production process.

We have chosen to source our shoes from Gaziantep. Gaziantep or Antep, as it’s more commonly referred to, is a cultural hub and well known in Turkey for producing high quality handmade goods. In recent years, this city has taken on many projects aiming to preserve and promote traditional handmade crafts which aligns perfectly with our own aims.

The local craftsmen who produce our shoes have acquired the art of Yemeni making through their own family business. Their art and skills are have been passed down generation to generation as a longstanding family tradition that to this day remains their primary vocation.

As Moon and Star shoes are made from natural materials they are the healthier choice for your feet by molding to their shape and allowing them to breathe and disperse perspiration all while looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

leather shoes artisan
leather shoes, yemeni, moon and star
handmade leather shoes, yemeni
handmade leather shoes, yemeni
handmade leather shoes artisan
handmade leather shoes artisan
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Istanbul, Turkey

handmade leather shoes, yemeni