Using only the finest 100% cotton material plus ornate designs and simple colour combinations, these scarves are completely hand made in the small town of Daday. Both modest and elegant, they are designed to be worn in both cold and moderate climates. While they will indeed keep you warm in the colder months their lightweight material will also not cause you to feel too hot in the warmer months. Being 100% cotton means that they do not itch or cause you to sweat.

Although motifs are all traditionally Turkish, their designs have been beautifully modernized to gain greater appeal while still adhering to tradition techniques.

The small town of Daday lies just outside Kastamonu, a mountainous region in the Black Sea region of Turkey. A small group of women have come together to keep their distinctive embroidery style alive. Although these women first came together as a hobby and a means of socializing, their work soon became admired by many who passed through their village…including us! Their scarves are their most recent addition to their collection of needlework. These scarves are exclusively designed and produced by this group of women for Moon and Star and cannot be found anywhere else in Turkey. All materials are carefully selected to ensure that only the finest 100% cotton is used for all of their products.

weaving cotton scarves artisan
woven cotton scarves artisan
woven handmade cotton scarves
woven handmade cotton scarves
woven handmade cotton scarves
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Istanbul, Turkey

woven handmade cotton scarves